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Build your own confident way


Love the path you’re on!


Facing a tough career transition?  Helping your student find an ideal college major? Struggling to find the career that makes sense for you? Ready to stop the circular conversations? 


Look no further.  Our career development and leadership coaching will help you clear any debris that has fallen on your path and give you the equipment to deliberately place your stepping stones.  Perspective, energy, vocabulary, and awareness will be yours as you navigate any forks or bends that come your way.


We are passionate about helping people establish a complete, authentic vision for their future, from new college student to seasoned leader, through validated assessments and intuitive coaching.  We will help you make intentional decisions about the college, career, and leadership goals you are working to define and achieve. You are more than your career and we will honor your whole process.

The time is now to walk your path with confidence and intention!

College Major Search

Picking a major is tough work for students! Gain empirical insight with two world-renowned assessments and personalized feedback.

Career Exploration

Feeling stuck in your career? Dig deep to learn more about who you are and the work that motivates you.

Job Transition Strategies

Ready to apply to the new job?  Have your strategies and tactics aligned to land your new role!

Leadership Capacity

How do you want to show up every day? What's getting in your way of career connection and personal leadership?

Hiring Laurie as a coach is one of the smartest decisions I've ever made.  I trust her completely with my story, knowing she brings not only professionalism and skill to our conversations, but also kindness and respect.  She listens well and finds ways to connect things I've said over several weeks to gently shed light on things I need to address. With her coaching, I have experienced tremendous growth in awareness as well as in my personal and professional life.

- Jennifer G., business owner

Working with Laurie through my college major search has given me such perspective and impacted so many areas of my life. Her insight into my personality and interests has helped me define my career options and feels like a weight has been lifted. I can't thank you enough for your listening, intuitive comments, and validation. I have a path now I can be excited about!

- Vanessa R., community college student

Join our other clients who have gained clarity on career, school, and leadership goals with a new framework and increased energy.

Contact us today for your first step in choosing and walking your career path! We will connect in a free strategy session, discuss your goals and needs, and then review personalized package options.

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