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Career Exploration

Has your job recently changed and no longer feels like a fit? Ready for your next professional challenge but not sure what it could be? Have you sat down to write your resume but don't know what role you are pursuing?

It's normal for professionals to explore other opportunities within their career! But with work and life constraints, let's gain some concrete information to explore more intentionally.  

With personalized insight into your personality type and work interests, you will have more at your fingertips to determine and describe your next best step.

WHO are you?

WHAT work to do?

Interests change.  Get a handle on yours and see new vocabulary on work motivations, environments, and how they match with your values and style. Dig deeper with me in a coaching session to move forward. 

HOW does it apply?

With this new framework and perspective, research more effectively and hold better networking conversations.  Consider this strategic approach with practical application.

Take the MBTI online with certified validation to learn more about your psychological type and how it impacts you in your career motivations.  Work with me in a reflection coaching session to apply it personally.

Wow- I feel like I have a path now that I can be excited about!  That’s so much different than where I was when we started this package.  I have career insights and action steps and am ready to get started.  Thanks for listening, consolidating my thoughts, and validating.  This was incredible.                                                                 -Jonathan T.

Packages start at $450 for assessments, reports, references, and coaching sessions.

Contact us today to get started. 

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