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Your Career

Even from an early age, we are exploring careers and work we enjoy.  It appears in elementary school when you see a child more inclined to one subject over another.  We answer well-meaning questions from adults when they ask "what would you like to be when you grow up?"​

Truth is- that can be really hard to discern for ourselves and with others when we might be lacking knowledge-  lacking internal trust- motivated to please others.

Careers (and breaks from them) are a huge part of our lives.  They will change slightly over time. We will question if our work matches our potential, our values, our current life situation.  It's your path.... so learn more. Build your stepping stones. Walk with confidence.  

College Major Search

Picking a major is tough work for students! Gain empirical insight with two world-renowned assessments and personalized feedback.

Career Exploration

Feeling stuck in your career? Dig deep to learn more about who you are and the work that motivates you.

Job Transition Strategies

Ready to apply to the new job?  Have your strategies and tactics aligned to land your new role!

Leadership Capacity

How do you want to show up every day? What's getting in your way of career connection and personal leadership?

Laurie is an amazing coach! Right from the start, I felt comfortable with her because she is so open, friendly and supportive. She truly partnered with me to understand what I was trying to achieve and then took a thoughtful approach to guide me along the way. She asks great questions that challenged me but was very supportive! She is a talented and caring coach that ultimately helped me discover ways to find more balance and feel more like myself! I cannot thank her enough for her insights and compassion.                        - JC

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