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College Major Search

Unsure of your college major or future career? Having "heated" conversations with friends and family around what to pursue in college? Feel the weight as a high school junior, senior, or already in college?

Navigate the career development process with less stress, more insight, and personalized guidance through two research-based assessments and individual feedback. Learn vocabulary about your personality and interest codes to better understand the work that matches your unique path - and to change the conversations you are having with yourself and others!

Get help you with your strategic and tactical approach to college major searching!

Personality Insights

Personality types have different preferences and different ways of working.  Learn more about how your energy, information gathering, decision-making, and approach to the outer world impacts your career.  Take the MBTI online with certified validation to learn more about your type and college.

Work Interests

What motivates you to work? Which work environment is a better match for you? The Holland Interest Codes help classify people and work, guiding you to better understand the majors and careers that match your results! Learn how to do more effective research- before you need to change majors!

Personalized Follow-up

Receive two personalized reports from the assessments, and individual follow-up from me on your specifics.  You will also review values, career options, and personal style to better understand future career path options. 

You can also add on personal coaching for individual sessions!

I have worked with hundreds of parents and students to help our next generation of leaders.  When asked in middle school about my future career, I said I wanted to be a dolphin training.  If I had a career coach, I would have better understood what that really meant. And so many years ago.

My son was at a crossroads of deciding if he was going to continue to pursue the college major he thought was in track for.  He was overwhelmed with what to do.  After taking the MBTI assessment and meeting with Laurie, I could visibly see the huge weight lifted off his shoulders as he learned about his strengths, gifts, and areas of challenge.  We also noticed a new sense of excitement that he understood himself better.  Laurie helped my son navigate and discover who he was in his unique identity, with an awakening of his conscience and what he really wanted to do.  As a parent, we saw the noise in our son’s life reduce and his confidence grow in his career choices after working with Laurie and the MBTI assessment.    – Jeanni R.

Packages start at $250, less than one credit hour of college tuition.

Contact us today to get started. 

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