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Ever since I can remember, I have loved people, puzzles, and personal growth.  Each individual puzzle piece may seem like an insignificant shape, but it connects with other shapes to create an overall amazing picture of something grander. 


I believe that about people, too.  Our professional and life decisions are not isolated as that individual piece, but can be connected to the larger picture that we want for our life.  That personalized picture, and ultimately, the path we walk on to get there, is as unique and amazing as each of us.    


My personal growth path included Dale Carnegie, Stephen Covey, and Myers Briggs at an early age.  My passion around people and puzzles evolved into a unique personal and leadership development perspective throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies for Interpersonal Communications and Marketing.   


Professionally, I taught other associates through Corporate Learning and Development; led major business initiatives and motivated others through project manager roles; and created company-wide marketing campaigns to increase compliance. I have been the leader for various teams that achieved operational goals, change-management directives, and nationwide program development. I have worked with hundreds of college students through coaching and instruction.


My favorite part?  Creating authentic relationships with my direct reports, leadership teams, and business partners, and students.  I truly enjoy learning others’ strengths and coaching them to their true passion. My brain allows me to see the strategic big picture, small details, and how it all changes as you build the puzzle.


Naturally I have become a professional coach to combine my strengths and passion for listening, learning, and partnering with others.  I will be your flashlight on your true path.

Ready to talk more?  Let's connect!

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