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During our coaching sessions together, Laurie led me to clarity on both personal and professional levels.  Besides discovering and overcoming previously hidden obstacles, with her help, I was able to identify my values, goals, and intentions.  She was instrumental in my achieving success while simultaneously striving for my greatest potential.  I would highly recommend her talents and services. – Terry B., business owner

Laurie is an amazing coach! Right from the start, I felt comfortable with her because she is so open, friendly and supportive.  She truly partnered with me to understand what I was trying to achieve and then took a thoughtful approach to guide me along the way. She is a talented and caring coach who ultimately helped me discover ways to find more balance and feel more like myself! I cannot thank her enough for her insights and compassion. – Jody C., HR Professional 

Laurie has been invaluable to me as I navigate the "What's next?" question, now that two of my children are in college and my youngest is in high school. She is a devoted coach who listens with compassion, asks questions that help me identify solutions, and guides me toward the next, best step forward. Laurie is an excellent sounding board, gifted action planner, and loyal supporter. I highly recommend Laurie for anyone who is in transition or seeking more balance and meaning in life. She is a master coach who has helped me find joy and purpose in the midst of big life transitions.   – Jane 

I can’t say enough good things about Laurie. Laurie is an amazing coach. I am constantly impressed by her ability, sincerity, intelligence and diligence throughout our time working together. She is trustworthy, resourceful, and positive. She is a coach that totally has your back and will go above and beyond to help you to reach success. ~ Jackie 

I have worked with Laurie for almost a year now.  She truly is an exceptional coach: insightful, resourceful, and fully committed.  I recommend her wholeheartedly.    - Dan L., retired executive

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