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Job Transition

Job transitions can be emotional, hard, and long- but you don't have to do it alone. 


Career coaching, resume refresh services, Linkedin reviews, and interview preparation can help you better market your experience, accomplishments, and value. 


Together we can define your strategic job search and implement tactical steps. 

You can't hire a better coach than Laurie.  She is the best thing to get me back on track after an emotional layoff. Her kind and calm demeanor is exactly what I needed.  She answers every question providing the best resources available.                                                              -Jennifer S.

I had a ton of interviews that weren’t going anywhere until I worked with Laurie.  She was able to understand my frustration, validate my background, and help me hone my interview skills.  After a couple sessions in discussing my personal value, nonverbal behavior, and hot buttons, we were able to conduct a mock interview together.  Laurie pointed out some key tactics and suggested improvements.  I incorporated those into my next round of interviews and was offered a position!                                                           - CC

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